Advisor Vantage Point Documentation

Advisor Vantage Point is a tool for advisors to view complex product due diligence documents uploaded by FactRight, LLC administrators. Advisor Vantage Point can ultimately be used to administer any type of document that FactRight, LLC wants to sell to its user community. Documents are part of Subscription Groups (alternatively, an Admin can set a specific price for a specific document), which may require a paid subscription to access. Documents can also be made available “free of charge” to users of the system.

Registered Users: Dynamic documentation

Log in to view documentation for features and procedures specific to your role.


The home page has some basic information and links to log in or request access.


Accounts are created by FactRight, LLC admins and broker/dealers created beneath them.

New users receive an email with a link to log in and set their initial password. Existing users can change their name, email address, notification settings and other preferences from the Manage Account page.

Trouble logging in?

You can reset your password here.

If your account has never been activated, you can resend your email confirmation here.

Request Access

New users must request access to the site using the Request Access form.

Users must enter a valid name, email address and advisor CRD number. If the email address is from a recognized domain, the Broker/Dealer field will auto-populate. Choosing None/Other will display a Broker/Dealer or RIA Name field for manual entry.

Specified admins at FactRight, LLC will receive an email alert.

User Panel

Users can manage their subscriptions, notifications and view documents from within their personal User Panel.


The User Dashboard shows newly uploaded documents and a shortcut to the Subscription page.

The 5 most recent documents are displayed in a small table. The total of new documents since the last login is shown in the dashboard header.


Users can view and download documents from subscribed groups on this page.

New documents since the last login are flagged with New.


Users can subscribe to subscription groups from this page.


Users receive an email digest of recently uploaded documents from within their subscriptions.

You can disable notifications for a given group by clicking the notification status icon in your Subscriptions table.

Included Groups

All users can subscribe to included groups simply by clicking 'Subscribe'. New users are subscribed to all included groups by default.

Paid Groups

Users can pay for groups by clicking 'Purchase' and following the Stripe checkout process. Users must enter a valid credit or debit card to purchase the group.

Subscriptions last for one year from the date of purchase. By default, the subscription will rebill automatically. Users can toggle auto-billing by clicking the Subscription status link.

Subscription emails are managed by Stripe. Stripe sends billing notifications within a few weeks of the resubscription date.

Manage Account

Users and admins can change their personal information and email address on this page.

Email Address Changes

Changing your email address will lock your account until you confirm the new address. Please make sure you use a valid email address.

Email Alerts

Select how often you would like to receive subscription notifications. Advisor Vantage Point will create an email digest for all documents within the selected frequency.

Selecting 'Immediately' will send email alerts during the report mail-out every day.

Time Zone

Select your preferred time zone. All timestamps on Advisor Vantage Point will reflect your choice in time zone.